TIdMessage cuts mail at CRLF + "."

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Subject: TIdMessage cuts mail at CRLF + "."
Posted by:  adrian (…@degwert.net)
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007


i've got a strange problem with multipart-mails containing CRLF (ascii #13#10#46). tidmessage simply cuts the message at these characters (even if they are placed in the middle of a multipart (attachment or text)).

my application extracts all multiparts and saves them separately into a table, the rest of the mail is then "not visible" to my application, the multiparts.count value is also wrong.
the mail has been received with indy and saved to a file with indy and nodecode, noencode = true, then been loaded on another computer, decoded with indy and copied into the table. the saved file still contained #13#10#46.

why does tidmessage think that it's the end of the mail even if it's a mime-multipart-mail?

thanks for your support!