How can I handle the NOOP command?

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Subject: How can I handle the NOOP command?
Posted by:  Fumio Kawamata (fum…
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007


I want to handle the NOOP command for my POP3 proxy program.

I am using the TIdPOP3Server and it replies "+OK" against
the NOOP command.  That behavior matches the RFC, of course.

On the other hand, I found several descriptions that the NOOP
command has some meaning for keeping connection, in internet
web pages.  I also found such description in Indy documents.
It is described in the ITdPOP3.KeepAlive method's help.

>KeepAlive sends the POP3 NOOP command to avoid a session
>timeout for the POP3 client. TIdPOP3 can use KeepAlive when
>performing time consuming operations, such as maintaining mail
>folders and messages on local file system, after the POP3
>session has be started in Connect.

I want to transfer the NOOP command to the actual POP3 server
if my proxy program receives the NOOP command from the mail
client. (Because it is a business of the proxy).

Should I derive a new class from TIdPOP3Server in this case?


Fumio Kawamata

Fumio Kawamata <fum…>