Re: TidPOP3 property declaration and Implementation

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Subject: Re: TidPOP3 property declaration and Implementation
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau \(TeamB\) (
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008

"Megatron" <abehin…> wrote in message

> I don't know how to declare and implement the properties of TidPOP3 like
> AuthType, AutoLogin, UseTLS, APOP...

Did you read the documentation?

> Mygoal is to make a client that can do SSL as well as other
> authentications.

You did not say what version of Indy you are using.  TIdPOP3 in Indy 9 and
earlier does not support what you are asking for.  It does in Indy 10,

Assign an SSL-enabled IOHandler to the TIdPOP3.  Then set the UseTLS
property to either utUseImplicitTLS or utUseExplicitTLS, depending on
whether you are connecting to a dedicated SSL port or not.  The later case
allows TIdPOP3 to connect to an unencrypted port initially and then issue a
STLS command to start an encrypted session afterwards, assuming the server
supports that in the first place.

As for authentication, fill in the SASLMechanisms collection as needed for
whatever auth schemes you want to support, and then set the AuthType
property to atSASL.

> I already check the indy helpfile but still not clear.

Have you read the online documentation?



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