Completely lost with TIdText

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Subject: Completely lost with TIdText
Posted by:  Ed (ebraze…
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008

I have a email system that receives text emails and after 2 months I have
relized that the idmsg.Body doesn't always work.  After reading and messing
TIdText and MessageParts I'm no closer.

Here is the problem:

1.  If the header states 7Bit then the text from the email can be gotten
using idmsg.body  (This works fine).
2.  The other email that I'm getting states 'quoted-printable' and I figured
out that idmsg.body doesn't work, so I've tried using MessageParts with the
following code:

    for intIndex := 0 to Pred(idMsg.MessageParts.Count) do begin
        if idMsg.MessageParts.Items[intIndex] is TIdText then
          msgbody :=

msgbody does get assigned but it is always blank.  Meaning that
(TIdText(idMsg.MessageParts.Items[intIndex]).Body.Text) always returns
blank.  What am I doing wrong ?

thanks for the help!


D6E, Indy 9