TIdMessage.SaveToFile: Assertion with Charset = 'iso-8859-15'

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Subject: TIdMessage.SaveToFile: Assertion with Charset = 'iso-8859-15'
Posted by:  Joe (speci…@joepgen.com)
Date: Fri, 06 Mar 2009

Guten Tag,

I'm using Indy 10.5.5, current Tiburon build, with Delphi 2009. My App
retrieves mails with TIdPop3 and saves it to disk. Msg is a TIdMessage,
I use msg.SaveToFile (filename, false).

When issuing msg.SaveToFile with msg.Charset = 'iso-8859-15' I get an
Assertion Exception in IdGlobalProtocols, line 3298. With 'iso-8859-1'
there is no such assertion exception, but Euro-Signs are no longer
available in the text.

Maybee iso-8859-15 is not yet fully implemented in TidMessage.SavetoFile
of the current Indy build?

How to fix - any idea?

Mny Tnx - Hans-Georg