Re: Using Pop3 component to check for junk mail

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Subject: Re: Using Pop3 component to check for junk mail
Posted by:  Kevin G. McCoy (atozedne…
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010

I don't think Pop3 supports folders. Perhaps Hotmail supports other
email protocols like IMAP that you could use to check a specific folder?

You could also write an HTML spider that checks that portion of the
Hotmail web page that holds your spam messages. This might be
problematic if Hotmail uses a CAPTCHA graphic during the login process.

I don't use Hotmail, so I can't be much help here.

There are Indy components to do both IMAP and HTML grabbing.


Kevin G. McCoy

> I have a Hotmail account which I access using the Pop3  and Mail components.
> Hotmail, however, also has a Junk folder in which it stores any messages
> filtered by their spam algorithms. This Junk folder, I find, is only
> accessible if I log into my Hotmail account with my web browser. My Indy
> based application can't see it.
> I know that the Connect and CheckMessages functions will let you know how
> many messages, if any, you have in your Inbox. My questions is this: is
> there a function or method in the Pop3 component that will check for mail in
> the Junk folder. Thanks.
> Regards...
> Joe Gabriele



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