problem with TldSMTP

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Subject: problem with TldSMTP
Posted by:  John Evans (johneva…
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003

Dear Indy,
        2 years ago I wrote a program with D5 which used the independent
Indy set. The version is 9.0.1
The TldSMTP still works fine.

I am now using D6 Pro and the bundled Indy components which seem to be an
earlier version? 8.0.25.
The TldSMTP does not work, and I am using it exactly the same, except one of
the properties is different.
In the 8.025 version there is a property called userid, in 9.01 there is a
property username.
Are these the same properties?
Should I be installing 9.01 (or the latest) in D6 anyway?