Handling Events and Exceptions in a service

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Subject: Handling Events and Exceptions in a service
Posted by:  Spirit (ne…@N-O-S-P-A-M-esystems.net)
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003

Hello All,

I have written an NT service that sends e-mails using a dynamically created
TidSMTP object.  In reading the docs for this component, the Connect and
Send methods do not have return codes since they are implemented as
procedures rather than functions.

For the Connect method, the events OnConnect and OnStatus are triggered.
How do you write procedures/functions as part of a unit and assign those
procedures/functions to the event processing of a dynamically created
TidSMTP object?

I'm attempting to make this service log all necessary errors as needed
without stopping for anything.  Thanks in advance for your assistance.