Error: "Relaying is prohibited"

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Subject: Error: "Relaying is prohibited"
Posted by:  João Cid (
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003

Hi there,

I was writing a very simple test application to try both components: TIdSMTP
and TIdMessage.

Everything works fine as long as the recipients are from the same e-mail
server domain as myself: e.g., the defined domain is, so my e-mail
should look like myna…; if I send an e-mail to hisna…,
everything works, and 'hisname' gets the e-mail in its inbox; whenever I try
to send an e-mail to a recipient from the outside world (like
otherna…, I get the exception "EIdProtocolReplyError" with the
message "Relaying is prohibited".

The e-mail server is MS-Exchange 5.5 within an WinNT server. The client (my
workstation) runs WinXP and I am compiling with D6 upd2.

What can I do to put it working also send e-mails to the outside world?

Thanks in advance for any help!