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Subject: Message-Id
Posted by:  Dmitry Mikhilov (d…
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003

Possibly I miss something obvious, but setting TIdMessage::MsgId property to
some unique RFC-compliant value before sending message by TIdSmtp doesn't
result in same value of Message-Id that appears on receiving side - it is
changed by SMTP server of  the provider. The question is - how can I know
the Message-Id for the message which I have sent if  I can not set
Messsage-Id myself?
In Indy docs it is stated that "MsgId is normally assigned by the server
that receives the message". Replies to the message which I've sent (MsgId of
which I thus do not know) have "In-Reply-To" header value which is equal to
this yet unknown Message-Id, so how can I identify the messages for which
I've got replies?