SMTP Server / Outlook Issues

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Subject: SMTP Server / Outlook Issues
Posted by:  Pierre Roux (pier…
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004


I've been busting my guts trying to get the SMTP Server Component going
together with Outlook 2002 (XP).  Here's the issues:

1. Outlook seem to 'miss' some server responses.  I've tried putting in
delays (up to 3 seconds before each response), but to no avail.  Typing in
the message by hand (Telnet), works like a charm.
2. Sending a message from Outlook to my app takes up to 1 minute per 3K!
(Local Machine).  Tried getting rid of Norton, no change.

Then lastly - I'm starting to doubt my code.  Is the somebody somewhere with
a working SMTP Server example?  The one include with Indy 9 isn't exactly