HELP! TIdMessageEncoderMIME bugs: it's eating/adding chars

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Subject: HELP! TIdMessageEncoderMIME bugs: it's eating/adding chars
Posted by:  Bernardo Riveira (
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004

I think I have found some serious bugs with Indy 9 which render it
completely unusable for sending HTML encoded SMTP messages.

Some patches ago, I found what Marcio Ehrlich said in his "missing dots in
web addresses", which basically consisted in Indy 9 removing dots from
emails and web addresses, so the HTML received had its URLs and response
e-mail addresses mangled... But as Marcio said, that has been corrected. :-?

But now, with ContentTransfer='quoted-printable', I find some "=" signs on
the received HTML (sometimes more than one), and with
text.ContentTransfer:='8bit', those = signs don't get into the HTML, but
then if you have a line that starts with a dot ".", that dot will get
removed, so things like CSS styles like:

.caption = ...
</style> received as:


...which of course is not the same thing, and so the HTML will not render
correctly on the mail reader.  I tried other encodings ('7bit', which show
the "=" signs) but every time I have seen this same problem.

I tried downloading the latest version from the cvs repository (well, Team
Coherence, not really CVS) so as to make sure I was using the most up to
date version, but that one didn't even compile (maybe is someone taking a
look at the TIdMesageEncoderMIME? I hope so!)

Thanks in advance
Bernardo Riveira