TIdEMailAddressItem in BCB 6

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Subject: TIdEMailAddressItem in BCB 6
Posted by:  Indy @ AtoZed (w…@cta-fos.com)
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004

I am attempting to create a simple SMTP email program using BCB 6 and Indy
9.  I downloaded a beautiful little Delphi 7 demo by Zarko Gajic.  It ran
right off the bat no muss no fuss.  However, since we work in C++ I need to
convert it over to BCB6.    When I duplicate the code in BCB it compiles
great but it turns out that the TidMessage datamembers From and Recipients
( TIdEMailAddresItem) are just pointers without the class being instantiated
in either case.  I looked in the Indy component palette and can not see it
there.  When I go to instantiate TIdEMailAddresItem myself, I find that I
need to give the constructor another class, TCollection, as a parameter.
The trouble is you do not call TCollection directly it is only a base class
and I need to use a decendent class.  Which decendant class?  There has to
be an easier way.  Is this a bug in Indy that has been fixed in INDY 10?

Please help.  A C++ example would be incredible.