OnWork event not fired by TIdSMTP

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Subject: OnWork event not fired by TIdSMTP
Posted by:  Daniel (dt…@pacific.net.sg)
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004


I'm using Indy 10.0.18-B for Delphi 7.  I've created a simple
application with a TIdSMTP component to send out emails.  It uses the
default auth type and login is fine.

I assign procedures to OnWork, OnWorkBegin and OnWorkEnd events to
keep track of the progress.

I manually create an TIdMessage as follows:

cMsg := TIdMessage.Create(nil);
cMsg.Recipients.EMailAddresses := ...
{and the subject, sender info, etc}

cMsg.Body.AddStrings(cContents);  // where cContents is of
TStringList type

after that I connect to the SMTP server and send out email as follows:


while sending the email, OnWork event is not fired at all.  Using
similar approach with TIdPOP3, the OnWork event is fired when
retrieving emails.

Any help is appreciated.  TIA.