Hangs on Send()

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Subject: Hangs on Send()
Posted by:  Jordan Sparks (jspar…@free-dental.com)
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004

Two days ago, I installed Indy 10 for VS.NET.  I am just sending a very
simple text message and copied the demo precisely.  The first time I ran it,
my email went through and I was thrilled.  But now, for the last day and a
half, I have never been able to get another message to go through.  It
connects to the SMTP server very quickly, and then on my Send(msg) command,
it just locks up and I have to shut down the program.  Tried it from home,
from the office.  Totally stumped.  I'm going to attempt streams today as a
workaround, or I may just have to write my own protocol from scratch.  Any