Cannot send mail anymore....

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Subject: Cannot send mail anymore....
Posted by:  Clément Doss (
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004


I built a project a few years ago that was working fine.
I guess that some ISP had to change their policies, and now I´m unable to send emails
to some domains. For example, I can send emails to x… but not to

The error is in portuguese, I will do my best to translate it:

Domain is not authorized to send emails with no authentication, to send emails you
have to authenticate your password by clicking the send/receive button of you email

This clearly referencing OE, and my user tries to click the send button of my
application and this message keep poping up. He must send the message to himself,
download it in OE and forward to the correct address. Using this workaround, the
email get send, but, of course it´s not working how it´s supposed to be :-(

Any ideas where should I start looking for answers?

Best reagrds,