Smtp Server, CheckUser and database

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Subject: Smtp Server, CheckUser and database
Posted by:  Jarek Karciarz (karcia…
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004


I am trying to do some real user authantication in the smtp server. The
method CheckUser is properly called by the TIdSmtpServer. Values for
Username and Password are as expected and sent out by the Outlook express.
For authentication i use Firebird simple table and IBX objects. But the
query started from inside the CheckUser gives this exception:
Error reading data from the connection

though the database connection is open. I've tried to open the database just
inside the CheckUser or have it allready open at server startup. Both cases
give an error. The query executed elsewhere, for example from the
forms.OnCreate Event runs well with no problem.
I am using BCB6 with Indy 9, quasi latest snapshot.
Do i miss something to set. Why the query cannot be executed from CheckUser,
any suggestions are very welcome