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Subject: Re: Authentication not working
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004

"Carl Madigan" <Carl_Madig…> wrote in message

> When I send an email the username and password don't seem
> to be used in the authentication as I can use an incorrect
> password and the email still gets sent.

Did you verify that the SMTP server in question even supports CRAM-MD5 to
begin with?  Your SASL login will not be performed at all if the server does
not support the algorithm you are trying to use.

> If I set the Authentication type to atDefault and then set the
> username and password on the TIdSMTP this works correctly.

As well it should.  Most servers that do support user logins do support the
AUTH LOGIN command.

> Am I missing somthing simple?

Verifying whether the server supports CRAM_MD5 in the first place?

>      if SMTP.Authenticate then

Is Authenticate() returning true?  If you are using AuthType=atSASL and
Authenticate() is returning True, then you are guaranteed to have your
username and password from the TIdUserPasswordProvider used.  That is the
only way TIdSASLCRAMMD5 knows how to operate.



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