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Subject: Re: Abstract Error
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005

"Kelly" <kshi…> wrote in message

> 1)..I'm getting an "Abstract Error" when I try to send a message
> using this code:

There is no possible way that code can be produce an abstract error.  There
are no abstract methods involved.  The error has to be coming from somewhere

>    Which I took DIRECTLY from some examples given here from atozed.

The examples were provided by me, not AToZed.

> 2)..How do I reply to just the thread a message is in?  When I hit
> "Reply" in Outlook Express, it launches a new message window in Outlook.

Use "Reply Group" instead.

> The only thing that works is Reply to Group

That is exactly what you are supposed to be using.

> which does Not put the message in the orig. thread it was in.

Yes, it does.  I use OE and "Reply Group" works just fine for me.

> That's why you're seeing my messages outside of their thread.

Your messages appear in the threads just fine.  The point I was trying to
make earlier is that you started a completely new discussion thread, with
new subject, for an issue that belonged in an existing discussion thread




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