Re: Strange bug in TIdMessage.From.Text

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Subject: Re: Strange bug in TIdMessage.From.Text
Posted by:  Dan Bassett (
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2005

Just upgraded to 10.0.52 and same problem!  This is really weird.  For
example, in a loop, say 50 times or so, if TIdMessage.From.Text =
aaaaaaaa…, it will get stuck in the loop early on and go really slow
and then stop.  However, if I add or subtract an "a" from the email address,
it works fine.  Why would this be happening?  Again, it's not the email
server rejecting this because both email addresses are invalid and it works
in Delphi 6 with Indy 9.  I have supplied both sample working and non
working code below:

I have attached a sample D2005 Win32 project to illustrate this very strange
problem.  I would greatly appreciate it if someone could let me know what's
going on and how to fix it.  I can't realize software that won't work with
an email address that happens to be 17 characters long.

"Dan Bassett" <dbasse…> wrote in message
>I think I have encountered what appears to be a bug in TIdSMTP10.0.20 when
> used in Delphi 2005.  When sending multiple messages in a loop and the
> TIdMessage.From.Text length is exactly 17 characters, the sending is very
> hit or miss and usually doesn't make it all the way through the loop
> without
> timing out on the server.  If I change the length of the
> TIdMessage.From.Text to smaller or greater than 17, it works fine.
> I have confirmed that it is not the server because I can run the same
> exact
> code using TIdSMTP 8.0.25 in Delphi 6 and it works fine.
> Is this a known issue and are there any fixes for it?  Seems really
> strange
> to me but so far, it does in fact appear to be something wrong with this
> component.
> Any info would be appreciated.



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