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Subject: Re: Attachment ContentType
Posted by:  Robert Tulloch (tulta…
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005

Robert Tulloch wrote:

> Hi:
>  When I attach a pdf and an rtf using
> TIdAttachment.Create(IdMsgSend.MessageParts, OpenDialog.FileName);
  Further, where is the ContentType generated from?


I note that text/pdf is not listed below. Is that why the substitution
noted in the previous post?


property ContentType: string;


ContentType is a String property that specifies the MIME media type for
the message. The purpose of ContentType is to describe the data
contained in the body to allow a user agent to determine how to present
the data. ContentType contains information about the media type.
subtype, and auxillary information in attribute=value notation. Some
common values for the media type and subtype include:




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