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Subject: Re: More More Bare Line Feed
Posted by:  Robert Tulloch (tulta…
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005


  I put some code into block below to track what is going on and now it
seems to be workijg w/o the bare LF problem.

  Took my monitoring back out and still is working??


Robert Tulloch wrote:
> Hi:
>  This is patch code:
>          if (Length(Line) > 71) and not (Buffer[i] in [#10,#13]) then
>          begin
>            NewLine;
>          end;  //if Length(Line > 71 then
>        end; //For i := 1 to LBufSize do
> If I send message as plain test it runs right through this never adding
> newline.
> If I send as html it executes many, many newline and then blows up with
> the bare line feed message from server.


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More More Bare Line Feed posted by Robert Tulloch on Wed, 23 Mar 2005