Problems with email redirect

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Subject: Problems with email redirect
Posted by:  ARP (alexandrepires20…
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005

Hi all,

In first time excuse me for my Ingles OK, It is really bad.
I have some questions, I am trying make a program with Indy 9.0.18 and Delph
7 but I am having some problems.
I am working with the following components:  TidSMTPServer, TidSMTP,
TidDNSResolver and TidMessage. The program receive emails from Outlook
(TidSMTPServer) and It redirect for another MTA (TidDNSR,TidSMTP). Its works
fine with Plan Text email, but when It receive HTML one, dont work because
the body of received email appears as that: This is a multi-part message in
MIME format.
What is happing ? The ReceiveMode TidSMTPServer property is rmMessageParsed,
is that correct ? What should I do for that to work?
Please, give me some help.

Best Regards