Re: Send fax thru Indy ?

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Subject: Re: Send fax thru Indy ?
Posted by:  Tolga Sertkaya (tol…
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005

Use RightFax or any fax program..
They almost have some parametters to send faxes like mails.You have to mail
your fax server with the subject line include parameters then your fax
server do it itself.
it is so easy and i did it.and you can do it.

"Bernard Lecomte" <berna…> wrote in message
> D7, Indy 10 ,
> Hi ,
> I know how to send emails thru Indy smtp components ,
> a customer is asking me to send fax instead of email in an internet
> intraweb application .
> Is it possible and how ?
> Sorry if  I am not in the right newsgroup but I do not know where to post
> !
> Bernard



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Send fax thru Indy ? posted by Bernard Lecomte on Mon, 9 May 2005