Bug, Indy 10 Property EMailAddresses

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Subject: Bug, Indy 10 Property EMailAddresses
Posted by:  Smalltalker (sve…@discoverymailing.co.uk)
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005

There is a storage problem with the property EMailAddresses in i.e.

When setting the property in Design mode, the domain part of the email will
be cut short with the first letter when running the program or re-opening
the form.

Example: Add an item to TIdMessage.ReplyTo and enter the email address
someo…@somewhere.com. Save and close the form, then open it again. Check
TIdMessage.ReplyTo[0] and you will find the email address changed to
somewhe…@omewhere.com. Then if you debug while running your program,
another character of the domain will be removed by the same bug of course.