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Subject: Re: SMTP & languages
Posted by:  Ian Jennings (i…
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005

OBones <> wrote in

>> I haven't found a lot in Google yet but I've a few terms to search
>> for yet - so here's hoping. :)
> That's because it's 7Bit encoded, you MUST indicate it's a 8Bit
> encoded message.

I've tried that. I've tried everything I can think of, no matter how
silly it might be. I'm obviously doing something wrong in my ignorance
but can't determine what it is. When I set it to 8bit the Latvian comes
back exactly the same as it does without setting the property and but
the Russian is slightly different. Instead of sets of '????' for the
words I get 'ÐAÐ?ОNÐ¸ÐaО Ð?а Ð?N' instead. I posted the following to
atozedsoftware.indy.protocol.smtp yesterday evening but not heard
anything yet:

I've just sifted through all the posts on here, can't see much on Google
and there doesn't appear to be anything in the KB.

I have a cgi app sitting on my ISP's server that, as one of its actions,
sends an ack letter, via TIdSMTP and TIdMessage, to a submitter in
either English, Latvian or Russian depending on a flag. The ack text has
been written in Notepad and saved in Unicode.

Everything seems ok until I need to send. The text of the letter is
assigned to Msg.Body.Text, I log it back and it's perfect. The post is
sent to a test account and, when it arrives in my Eudora, it's screwed.
The Latvian is in the form 'sanem*anu' (where '*' is the 'unknown
character' symbol) and the Russian is '????'. I *guess* (databases are
my sort of thing) it's something to do with codepages and charsets but I
know *nothing* about them or how to identify what I need. What's worse,
is that I don't know where to look to find the answer.

Am I correct in my supposition that it's codepages and charsets that I
should be looking at? If so, does anyone know offhand (and save me hours
more work on something that has already taken me longer than the rest of
the project! :) ) what I should be feeding in and where, please? If not,
could someone please tell me where to look for the answer.

I'm using D5 and Indy 10.


I realise that it's the wrong ng for posting Indy-spcific questions but
maybe it will clarify what it is that I'm trying to do and what the
problems are as there's obviously a few *very* knowledgable people in




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