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Subject: Re: Subject line in plain text?
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005

"Jerry P" <jerry.pursa…> wrote in message

> I have recently started to use Indy in a C# emailing application
> but the subject line is always encoded (see below). I want it to
> be plain text, can anyone advise.

You will have to decode it manually.  Indy does not currently support
decoding UTF-8 in e-mail headers.

> Subject: Tr

The encoding above breaks down to the following:

    =?            - encoding begins

    UTF-8            - field specifying the encoding type for the orignal

    ?            - delimiter between fields

    B            - field specifying that the UTF-8 encoded data is then
encoded in Base64

    ?            - delimiter between fields

    VHI=            - field containing the Base64-encoded data.

    ?=            - encoding ends

You have to first decode the Base64 data (VHI=), which becomes "Tr", which
you then UTF-8 decode into the original plain-text data (which incidently
remains as "Tr" since no multi-byte characters are involved).



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