Newbie question about SMTPServer

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Subject: Newbie question about SMTPServer
Posted by:  damian marquez (dmarquez…
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005

I want to build a simple mass mailer to send customized mails I periodically
send to my friends.
For that I took a IdSMTP component (with its corresponding IdMessage) and
using my ISP's
smtp server it works fine.
Now I wanted to go a little further and avoid the usage of my ISP's smtp
server. So, in order
to understand IdSMTPServer process, I simply run the SMTPServer demo before,
started it
and then from my program send a SMTP message using my own localhost as smtp
It did show no error and it turned up in the smtp server demo (the whole
mail's content)...
however it did not "pass" to the email address i put as the "to"
I assume that I need to trap some event in SMTPServer... but somebody has
some code
snippet that could help me do this task?
Thanks a lot.

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