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Subject: SMTP-Auth
Posted by:  Lukas (luk…
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005

I have a smtp-server (tidsmtpserver) running (Delphi, Indy 10).
This smtp-server does not matter about authentication. But the problem is
the following: My server is configured as local smtp-server of a few
Outlook-Accounts (or another mail-client). When my program receives a mail
of Outlook, this mail is sent to the original mail server of the mailaccount
(tidsmtp), which could require authentication. I want the user to set
authentication in Outlook, so that I receive information about user,
password etc. When UserLogin is raised I get apassword, ausername and
asender.password an asender.username. What is the difference?

Here is some code ( I want to read the smtp-settings into a variable)
procedure TWindowsService.IdSMTPServer1UserLogin(ASender:
  const AUsername, APassword: String; var VAuthenticated: Boolean);

If I set a seperate ausername (let´s say <a>) and apassword (<b>) for
smtp-auth in Outlook I receive the value <a> in both username-variable and
How do I find out, if the smtp-settings are set to e.g.:
- same settings as POP3
- SMTP requires auth YES/NO
- with login and password
- Before sending do a POP3-Login

How can I find out smtp-host and smtp-port of an email-account?