SMTP Server - OnRcptTo and OnMsgReceive

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Subject: SMTP Server - OnRcptTo and OnMsgReceive
Posted by:  Master Surfer (mastersurfer…
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2005


I'm using Indy 10.0.76 in D7.

The SMTP Server component has the events OnRcptTo and OnMsgReceive.
As I see the OnRcptTo event tells me, to whose mailbox on my mailserver
I must deliver an arriving message. But the whole message comes a bit
later in the OnMsgReceive event.

How can I use the list of receptionists on my server I got with the
OnRcptTo event in the OnMsgReceive event?

When I write the rcpt-list in a public variable and read this one in the
msg receive event, can it happen, that a second mail arrives, before the
smtp server proceded both events fired by the first mail?!

I hope you understand my problem, and can give me an idea for a solution.

Best regards.