Sending emails with Indy 10 doesn't work.

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Subject: Sending emails with Indy 10 doesn't work.
Posted by:  rossmcm (rossm…
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005

There is something about Indy 10 that causes a mail server I am trying to use to reject emails.  Indy 9 is fine.  I'm not using authentication and didn't need to under Delphi 5/Indy 9.  The problem is mail-server dependent (Indy 10 works OK on my local mail server, but not on the one below) so I suspect it's spam assassin or similar.    If you want to demo it for yourself, fire up the sendmail demo and enter:

To:  suppo…
From:  suppo…

I get error 554 or invalid recipient exceptions.

I'm running Delphi 2005 and the latest snapshot of Indy 10.

Many thanks,
Ross McMillan