Getting SMTPServer to work

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Subject: Getting SMTPServer to work
Posted by:  Jesse (
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005

Due to the fact that our web server is getting way overloaded with mass
e-mailings (sending out), I want to create a Windows client that will allow
the end-user to send mass e-mails directly from their desktop.  I have Indy
9, and Delphi 5, and I'm attempting to create a program that will send those
e-mails directly from the program itself.  I want it to contain a built in
SMTP Server.  I've got everything in place, and as long as I use our actual
SMTP server located remotely (when I provide the proper authentication), it
works just fine.  However, when I attempt to use a TidSMTPServer component,
it appears to freeze up.  I'm sure it's just because I don't know how to
make it work properly.  Here's what I've done:

1.  I've set the SMTPServer port to 29, so that it is non-standard, and
most-likely won't create any conflicts.
2.  I do a SMTPServer.Active := True
3.  I've set my SMTP component (used to send the e-mail with) host setting
to localhost, and it's port to 29.
4.  When I issue a SMTP.Send(EMail) this way, it appears to freeze up.
5. The SMTPServer.ReceiveMode is set to rmMessage (just because I didn't
know what else to do with it?)

All I want it to do is simply sent the e-mail to whoever it's addressed to.
I don't need to examine the contents or anything else, I just need to pass
it along to whoever it's addressed to.  How do I get it to do that?