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Subject: Re: Getting SMTPServer to work
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005

"Jesse" <> wrote in message

> I want to create a Windows client that will allow the end-user
> to send mass e-mails directly from their desktop.

You have to be careful with that.  Mass e-mailing triggers a lot of spam
filters, and a lot of spam filters look for Indy specifically because
spammers like to use it.

> I have Indy 9, and Delphi 5, and I'm attempting to create a program
> that will send those e-mails directly from the program itself.  I want it
> to contain a built in SMTP Server.

You do not need to do that.  That is not the way to approach the issue.  All
you need is TIdSMTP.  If your own SMTP server is being bogged down, then you
will habve to connect directly to the SMTP servers of each recipient that
you want to send to.  You can use TIdDNSResolver to request the MX records
of each target domains so that you know which SMTP servers to connect to.

> 3.  I've set my SMTP component (used to send the e-mail with) host
> setting to localhost, and it's port to 29.
> 4.  When I issue a SMTP.Send(EMail) this way, it appears to freeze up.

That is likely because you did not code the TIdSMTPServer to actually do
anything, so TIdSMTP ends up waiting for replies that are never sent.

> All I want it to do is simply sent the e-mail to whoever it's addressed

You do not need to use TIdSMTPServer at all for that.



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