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Subject: Re: Messages sent with PostMessage getting lost
Posted by:  Jeremy Darling (jdarli…
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005

  By posting do you mean using the Windows message queue or your own
specialized messaging queue?  If you are using the windows one then I
believe that messages can fall off the queue and are cleaned up by the OS.
Thou I can't refer you to an article about this, as is my usual, I seem to
remember it in the back of my mind.

  Either way I'm sure that Remy (Gambit) will correct me here if I'm wrong.
Personally I'd try implementing a Producer/Consumer algorythm instead of
using a standard message queue.  Its typically more flexiable, and you can
set it up so that when x messages accrue into the system it will
automatically call sleep or processmessages to allow the main VCL thread
time to process the stack.


"Ross McMillan" <> wrote in message
> I'm writing an Indy app that send emails in parallel from threads.  I
> wanted the threads to report back progress, bytes sent, etc regularly and
> I had done this by accessing strings in the thread from the VCL loop.
> Now, after being wrapped over the knuckles by Martin James (and quite
> rightly too I now realise) I am in the process of reporting back progress
> by PostMessage.
> Just to satisfy my curiousity I wrote a test program that started a thread
> and furiously assigned to a string from within the thread, and then
> checked the string from the main loop (via Application.OnIdle).  As
> expected, every so often (but not very often), the string as seen by the
> main loop is not what it should be.  Also, and very much less often, I get
> an AV.  Whatever, confirmation that it's not a good idea.
> Next step was to try posting the string back.  I create a record for the
> string with New in the thread and pass it's address as a message parameter
> and post it off.
> In the main thread message handler I grab the string, check it, and
> release the memory that was used to transport it back.  As expected, it
> runs without errors in the received string.
> However...
> Just to really push things, I didn't send off one message in the thread -
> I send off 1000 at a time and follow with a sleep so that the main thread
> gets a chance to handle the messages.  I keep track of messages posted and
> messages delivered and find that over time, I lose some of them.
> Presumably the storage I create to transport the string gets lost also -
> i.e. I leak memory.
> What's going on here?  Can we not assume that all messages posted make it
> to the handler?


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