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Subject: Re: Problem with SMTP component
Posted by:  Gregoire Diehl (gregoire.die…
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005

Thanks for your explanation.

In fact i have just created a new project put idSNMP and idMessage on
together with a button. When pressing this button i have assigned the data
for host, password, username. Host and username can be assing without
problems, the password throw the AV-exception.

I have downloaded the latest snapshot via ftp and carefully follow the
instruction described on your mentioned page.
The installation was no problem, but now i got the error message during
linking that the indy.lib file is missing.

Sorry that i have to ask again, but i´m not very famillar with Indy and
installing new components

Any help would be greatly appreciated again.


"Remy Lebeau (TeamB)" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> "Gregoire Diehl" <gregoire.die…> wrote in message
> news:BFD4CF2388DEE240gregoire.die…
>> Form1->idSMTP1->Password = "test";
> The only way that code can throw an AV is if either the Form1 or idSMTP1
> pointer is invalid in the first place.  Where and when exactly are you
> calling that code from?  I would suspect first that the Form1 pointer has
> not been assigned yet when you are dereferencing it.
>> I have updated my indy components to version 9.00.17
> That is not the latest build.  The current snapshot build is 9.0.50.
>> Run the FullC6.bat, remove the old components and install the
>> new bpl file from the C6 folder.
> That is not enough to install Indy 9 properly.  BCB6 ships with Indy 8,
> which you must fully delete from your machine BEFORE running FULLC6.BAT.
> Please read the install instructions in Indy's Knowledge Base
> Gambit


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