Another Bug

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Subject: Another Bug
Posted by:  John E. Wilfong (j[nospam]wilfong@[reversethis]moc.loa)
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005

Using D7Pro | Indy 10 | TidMessage

A character is being dropped.

Create a new application.
Drop a TidMessage component and a TEdit onto the form. ( idMessage and
edtFrom )
Set idMessage.From.Address | Name | Text | etc.. properties.
Create an OnShow event for the form.
In this event copy idMessage.From.Text to edtFrom.Text ( edtFrom.Text :=
idMessage.From.Text )
Run the app.

Notice the first character to the right of the apersand ('@') has been

Can someone from indy comfirm and submit the bug? Please provide a fix if
one is known.