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Subject: Re: Read receipt, delivery receipt
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005

"Ruediger Kabbasch" <ruediger.kabbas…> wrote in message

> Does anybody knows what's to do to get a delivery
> receipt and/or a read receipt?

Indy does not have any native support for delivery receipts.  You will have
to set the 'Return-Receipt-To' header for the message manually.  Do note,
however, that 'Return-Receipt-To' is a non-standard way to request a
delivery receipt, so most systems won't recognize it.  There are some
standard delivery receipts as part of the SMTP protocol itself, but TIdSMTP
does not utilize that particular feature of the protocol, and many SMTP
servers don't support it, either.

As for read receipts, set the TIdMessage.ReceiptRecipient property before
sending the message.  Do note, however, that sending a read receipt request
is no guarantee that you will actually receive the receipt.  End users can
disable read receipts on their end.

> Is it possible (and if how) to send the receipts to a
> different eMail address?

Simply specify the email address that you want the receipt to go to.



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