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Subject: Re: Error with SMTP
Posted by:  Don (kingfi…
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005

> I have a small problem when using Indy to send an email.
> When I try to send an email - testing the code on my machine -
>  I get an error

> Response Received is: 554  We do not accept messages with
> no From To or Subject headers

> This is the error reported by McAfee Virus Scan.  But I have
> clients that just don't get annything.  The program completes -
> but they get no message of any sort - and no email ever reaches
> the destination address.

> I am guessing that they are getting the same problem - but have
> no way of capturing it.

> I get this problem when I send the email - it never arrives
> (I send it to myself) - but I get the message above.  It would
> seem that I missing a header of some sort - but I don't know
> what?

My guess is that one of the values in From.Text or Recipients.EMailAddresses
(or both) is not valid. That is, in a format required by RFC.  Can you
should a representative sample of their content?


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