tidSmtp feature request

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Subject: tidSmtp feature request
Posted by:  arthur hoornweg (antispam.hoornweg@casema.nl.net)
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006

I humbly request that the protected methods "SendNoPipelining" and
"SendPipeLining" get an additional parameter to pass the sender of
the e-mail.
I need to be able to specify sender and recipients independently of the
"From:" and "To:" fields of the original mail.

My mailserver has to do a special kind of CC where a copy of an incoming
e-mail must be sent over the internet in case a colleague is on holiday.
Our internet provider's SMTP server rejects all mail that doesn't come
from our domain, so the original mail's "From:" field can't be used
as the sender.

Arthur Hoornweg

(In order to reply per e-mail, please just remove the ".net"
  from my e-mail address. Leave the rest of the address intact
  including the "antispam" part. I had to take this measure to
  counteract unsollicited mail.)