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Subject: Gmail Indy 10 Message Sending
Posted by:  Lenny (Burnda…
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006

I have been trying for the last little while trying to make indy9 gmail code worth with indy10 (delphi 2006) and I have not had any success....  I have the IDMessage, IdSMTP , IdAntiFreeze, IdOpenSSLHandler, IDSaslLogin all dropped down and I have been trying to get my code right and just can't get it to send out my message..

SMTP Settings
Auth Type is:  atSASL
Port : 465
Sasl Mech..  Set to the Login
UseTLS set to : ExplicitTLS

I have set the smtp IOHandler to the SSL and the SSL

SSL Properties:

Method: sslvTLSv1
Mode:  sslmClient
Port: 25

seems there is tons of Indy9 gmail code out there... but I have started to transfer most of my projects to indy10 and just can see myself going back to 9.... some assistance would be sweet.