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Subject: DateTime on messages
Posted by:  Kevin Morwood (k…
Date: Fri, 05 May 2006


I have been working with Indy for quite some time.  I have an
application that sends out messages based on the occurrence of
application events.  The application has been working fine for quite a

I recently upgraded to BDS2006...which included Indy 10.1.5.  Now,
whenever the application sends a message it has to the wrong date on it.

The date is always -0400 from the correct time.  That almost makes sense
since my timezone -0400 from UTC.  It is acting as though I am sending
the message encoded as UTC and then taking off 4 hours.  The reality
is...I'm not doing anything regarding datetime.  It always just worked
so I never tinkered with it.

Anyone have any ideas of what I'm missing.

Thanks in advance,