Question on composing a message

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Subject: Question on composing a message
Posted by:  Master Surfer (mastersurfer…
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2006


when I compose a IdMessage i fill the properties "Recipients", "CCList"
and "BccList" to tell indy who should get the mail.

But what do I do, if i want to send a message to 4 people, two have
their postboxes on my self programmed server and two somewhere else.

when i add the two with the postbox at my server in the recipients-list
the next mail server would deliver the mail to them!

who can I write all four recipients in the mail, so that everybody can
see who got it, but tell the next mta to deliver it only to 2 user?!

i hope you understand my problem.

can i use the "ReceiptRecipient" property? yes? and how?

thanks for any reply.

greets mastersurfer