OK, I'm gone now.

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Subject: OK, I'm gone now.
Posted by:  arthur hoornweg (antispam.hoornweg@casema.nl.net)
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2006

Sorry to say it, but Indy has let me down once too often now.
I am taking my fingers off it. I've come to the conclusion that
it is just too unreliable to use in a 24/7 application. Maybe it
is because the architecture is overly complex, I don't know.

During the past 6 months I have had the most bizarre problems
in a dead  simple SMTP relay routine that loads mail files from
disk into a tidmessage component (properties "noencode" and
"nodecode" are both set to true) and then calls a tidSmtp component
to send this mail to our mail provider. The routine is so simple that
in fact nothing should ever go wrong.

Unfortunately, I have had all sorts of troubles;  All sorts of Exceptions
generated by tidsmtp.send(), computer freezes, and the bizarre fact
that certain e-mails just CANNOT BE SENT without generating a
socket exception for whatever reason. My colleagues are complaining
about the unreliability of the mail server ever since I made the switch
from twsocket to Indy.

I am currently experimenting with Synapse and I'm pleasantly
surprised by its simplicity and performance. It also happens to
work perfectly with the same mail files that make Indy throw
a socket exception.

Arthur Hoornweg

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