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Subject: Re: OK, I'm gone now.
Posted by:  JN (pjtak…
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006

hi Arthur,

we've had the same problems with Indy and have changed to
Synapse some time ago. We're very happy with it, because we
haven't had any problems until today ...

The decision to leave Indy wasn't very easy for us, because we
always appreciated the help from Remy and Ciaran.


"arthur hoornweg" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Sorry to say it, but Indy has let me down once too often now.
> I am taking my fingers off it. I've come to the conclusion that
> it is just too unreliable to use in a 24/7 application. Maybe it
> is because the architecture is overly complex, I don't know.
> During the past 6 months I have had the most bizarre problems
> in a dead  simple SMTP relay routine that loads mail files from
> disk into a tidmessage component (properties "noencode" and
> "nodecode" are both set to true) and then calls a tidSmtp component
> to send this mail to our mail provider. The routine is so simple that
> in fact nothing should ever go wrong.
> Unfortunately, I have had all sorts of troubles;  All sorts of Exceptions
> generated by tidsmtp.send(), computer freezes, and the bizarre fact
> that certain e-mails just CANNOT BE SENT without generating a
> socket exception for whatever reason. My colleagues are complaining
> about the unreliability of the mail server ever since I made the switch
> from twsocket to Indy.
> I am currently experimenting with Synapse and I'm pleasantly
> surprised by its simplicity and performance. It also happens to
> work perfectly with the same mail files that make Indy throw
> a socket exception.
> --
> Arthur Hoornweg
> (In order to reply per e-mail, please just remove the ".net"
>  from my e-mail address. Leave the rest of the address intact
>  including the "antispam" part. I had to take this measure to
>  counteract unsollicited mail.)



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