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Subject: Re: Problem moving from 9 to 10
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2006

"Bill" <…> wrote in message news:16242D2644FFE240…

> I am moving a program that sends email from Indy 9/D7
> to Indy 10/D2006. I get the AuthenticationType error.

What error are you referring to?  Please be more specific.

> I have read the information on page 171 of Indy in Depth
> but I do not understand it (my knowledge of Indy is essentially
> zero).

In my copy of IID, page 171 has nothing to do with Authentication.  It talks
about Fiber Weavers in the "Scheduling" section.  What are you looking at?

> With Indy 9 I used the code below handle the login by setting
> AuthenticationType to atLogin if the user indicated that he/she
> must log in otherwise to atNone.

Many servers do not support atLogin anymore.  It is unsecure, as it sends
the username and password in base64-encoded text that is easily decoded by
middleman attackers.  Such servers usually support, if not require, actual
encryption nowadays.  For Indy 10, that means setting the AuthType property
to atSASL and then using its SASLMechanisms collection to provide encrypted
credentials to the server.  Some servers also require SSL-encrypted
connections as well.

Something else to keep in mind - when logging in, Indy 9 did not validate
that the server supports atLogin before sending those credentials.  Indy 10
does.  So if you leave the AuthType property set to atLogin, and the server
does not actually support it, then no login will occur at all, and any
commands you send that require authenticated connections will fail.



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