IdSMTPServer and Custom Client communicating wrong

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Subject: IdSMTPServer and Custom Client communicating wrong
Posted by:  Han Bongers (hanbonge…
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006


I've build a SMTP Server based on an IdSMTPServer component (Delphi 2005,
Indy 10.0.52).
It's running as a windows service, and its purpose is to delay email send
from certain adresses (these messages get stored in a database).
With messages send from Outlook, Outlook Express and an ASP webshop on IIS
the service works perfect.

The problem is that our client has a custom made application which emails we
need to delay, and that program doesn't send email trough our service.
See the following logfile.

*** Log from IdServerInterceptLogFile: Stat Connected. Sent 28-7-2006 10:28:46: 220-Welcome to the NLSTORE Mail
Relay<EOL>220 <EOL> Recv 28-7-2006 10:28:46: EHLO athlon-xp3200<EOL> Sent 28-7-2006 10:28:46: 250-Hello athlon-xp3200<EOL>250-AUTH
LOGIN<EOL>250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES<EOL>250 PIPELINING<EOL> Recv 28-7-2006 10:28:47: AUTH LOGIN<EOL> Sent 28-7-2006 10:28:47: 334 VXNlcm5hbWU6<EOL> Recv 28-7-2006 10:28:47: YWRtaW5AbmxzdG9yZS5ubA==<EOL> Sent 28-7-2006 10:28:47: 334 UGFzc3dvcmQ6<EOL> Recv 28-7-2006 10:28:47: bmxzMTE4<EOL> Sent 28-7-2006 10:28:47: 235 2.7.0  welcome
adm…<EOL> Recv 28-7-2006 10:28:47: RSET<EOL>MAIL
FROM:<adm…><EOL>RCPT TO:<hanbonge…><EOL>DATA<EOL> Sent 28-7-2006 10:28:47: 250 Ok<EOL> Sent 28-7-2006 10:28:47: 250 2.1.0 adm… Address
Okay<EOL> Sent 28-7-2006 10:28:47: 250 2.1.5 hanbonge… Address
Okay<EOL> Sent 28-7-2006 10:28:47: 354 Start mail input; end with
<CRLF>.<CRLF><EOL> Stat Disconnected.
*** End of Log

The custom made application connects and authenticates, but then things go
The application sends "RSET", "MAIL FROM", "RCPT TO" and "DATA" after each
other, but doesn't seem to wait for a respond.
It then receives al the responses after each other and disconnects.

When connecting with the other tested mail programs (Outlook, Outlook
Express, and IIS) the InterceptLog shows they wait for a response after
every one of these commands.

The custom made application is also using Indy, but sinds the software
developer does no longer exist we don't now which version, and don't have
any source code :(

The IdSMTPServer is probably working as it should, but our clients custom
made application isn't.
All expected events in IdSMTPServer are being triggered, except for
MsgReceive (communication doesn't reach that part).
No exceptions are raised at server side.

Any suggestions on how to work around this?

Thanks in advance,
Han Bongers