Re: TIdSMTP EIdSMTPReplyError / Numericode 503

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Subject: Re: TIdSMTP EIdSMTPReplyError / Numericode 503
Posted by:  Patrick Gentemann (pgentema…
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006

I tried to create the TIdMessage and it worked fine. I must be doing
something wrong with TIdMessage.
Any Idea ?

TheMessage := TIdMessage.Create(nil);
TheMessage.From.Address := emailaddress;
TheMessage.Subject := 'My email';
TheMessage.Recipients.Add.Address := emailaddress;
TheMessage.Body.Text := 'This is my message text';

> I have a TIdSMTP and a TIdMessage
> When I
>  TIdSMTP .Connect;
>    try
>      TIdSMTP .Send(CIEMessage);
>    finally
>      TIdSMTP .Disconnect;
>    end;
> I get an EIdSMTPReplyError with a Numericode 503 and a blank message.
> If I try to Authenticate and not send everything workd fine. When Try to
> Send then I get the error.
> The username and password are fine (I also checked using Outlook Express).
> What I am missing ?
> Patrick


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TIdSMTP EIdSMTPReplyError / Numericode 503 posted by Patrick Gentemann on Tue, 26 Sep 2006