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Subject: Re: Sent Time Stamp
Posted by:  slappyhack (slappyha…
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006

I did some reading through the posts and it looks like someone asked the same question in May.  The fix was to upadte their snapshot of INDY I a, using 10.1.5 so would this hold true for me?  If and when I do update the components is it an easy task to roll back because I cannot afford to hose my workstation.


> How come I always get GMT when I use TheSMTP.Send(theMsg); even if I set the
>  following properties?
> Themsg.UseNowForDate := true;
> or
> Themsg.Date := now;
> Does anyone have code that will stamp the sent with local time or at least p
> oint me in the direction to do that?
> thanks
> Jim



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