Re: SMTPServer Not Sending?

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Subject: Re: SMTPServer Not Sending?
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (Indy Team) (
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006

"Richard Morey" <webmast…> wrote in message

> I have set up an SMTP server on my local computer with the
> IDSMTPServer component. I have some basic code and my
> e-mail client (Outlook Express) indicates the e-mail is successfully
> being sent. However, the mail never arrives anyway!

TIdSMTPServer by itself will not deliver a message anywhere.  That is your
responsibility to handle in your own code.  TIdSMTPServer will provide the
message to you, and then you decide what to do with it (save it to a local
file/database for TIdPOP3Server to access later, forward it to another SMTP
server, etc).

> Is there some step I am forgetting / not doing?

There is no way to answer that without seeing what you are actually doing to
begin with.  Please provide more details about your setup.

> I tried using the SMTPServer demo  that is included with Indy 10
> but that does not forward the mail either.

It is not supposed to.  It is not set up for forwarding the messages
anywhere.  It saves all received messages to local files instead and then
displays them in its UI.



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