MailFrom with authentication problem (451 @ outside address)

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Subject: MailFrom with authentication problem (451 @ outside address)
Posted by:  Tim Parker-Nance (tim_…
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006

We are using the latest snapshot from Indy 10 on Delphi 2005. We have had to
enable authentication, even though we just pass everyone through, because of
an anomoly with Pocket Outlook on iMates. However servers that send through
authentication info on the the mail from: cause Indy to fall over with an
451 @ outside address error. Here is a trace: Stat Connected. Sent 2006/12/04 09:35:19 AM: 220
Dakota ESMTP 1.00 Mon, 4 Dec 2006 09:35:19 +0200 SAT<EOL> Recv 2006/12/04 09:35:19 AM: EHLO<EOL> Sent 2006/12/04 09:35:19 AM: 250-Hello<EOL>250-AUTH LOGIN<EOL>250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES<EOL>250
SIZE<EOL> Recv 2006/12/04 09:35:19 AM: MAIL
From:<mari…> SIZE=4770 AUTH=mari…<EOL> Sent 2006/12/04 09:35:19 AM: 451 @ Outside address<EOL> Recv 2006/12/04 09:35:19 AM: QUIT<EOL> Sent 2006/12/04 09:35:19 AM: 221 Signing Off<EOL> Stat Disconnected. Stat Disconnected.

The line that causes the problem in TidSMTPServer is in CommandMail:
        EMailAddress.Text := Sys.Trim(Copy(ASender.UnparsedParams, 6,

Is there any way to get Indy to ignore the parameters? Or is there any way
around this problem?